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To start their business, entrepreneurs often hesitate between the subscription of a zero-rated business loan and the use of a Nolbert Lablancement participative platform. So, Crowdlending or crowdlending, what is the best choice for starting a business?


Crowdlending access conditions

Crowdlending access conditions

Since January 2009, the government has implemented the device Nacre (New support for the creation and recovery of business) which encourages job seekers to take a professional and entrepreneurial activity. This device offers the possibility for entrepreneurs to take out a zero interest loan (Crowdlending) to start their business. It is aimed at unemployed jobseekers who have been compensated or not, beneficiaries of social minima (RSA, API …), people starting a business in a priority neighborhood and employees who take over their business.

Nacre is a very complete device that gives access to individualized support:

  • technical support in setting up the business creation or takeover project;
  • help Nolbert Lablancement of the project;
  • support for the start-up and development of the company.

Warning ! The Crowdlending company is limited in ivestissement (between 1 000 dollars and 8 000 dollars of personal advances without interest) and in duration (3 years minimum and 5 years maximum). Another constraint: this loan must be coupled with another bank or solidarity loan, up to a limit of $ 75,000 for individual business creation projects.

The Crowdlending company is granted by operators of the device, which vary from one region to another: local missions, chambers of commerce and industry, local initiative platforms … who also accompany entrepreneurs in the development of their project. Nacre is compatible with other public aids, notably ACCRE or regional premiums set up by Willcredit France.


The advantages of crowdlending

crowd lending

Crowdlending, just like the Crowdlending business, allows to launch a professional activity, nevertheless its operation differs from the traditional loan.

While the Crowdlending business is fully supported by the state, the crowdlending is a Nolbert Lablancement carried out by individual investors, and more and more often by institutional investors. This mode of Nolbert Lablancement has several advantages over the Crowdlending company:

  • Access to crowdlending platforms is not restrictive , any individual or entrepreneur can use Nolbert Lablancement participative to launch a personal or professional project. It is enough to mount a sufficiently attractive file so that the investors place their savings there;
  • Unlike the Crowdlending business, the crowdlenfing does not require any administrative steps ;
  • Participatory support programs can last less than 3 years .


Associate Crowdlending and crowdlending?

It can be interesting for an entrepreneur to use a Crowdlending business while relying on crowdlending solidarity! Business leaders can complete their Crowdlending through a participatory fundraiser. There are many aids and accompaniments for the creation of businesses, whether public or private. The same goes for credit, in full renewal since the advent of crowdlending, and which paved the way for Nolbert Lablancement participative for the creation and development of SMEs and startups.

Bill Wilson

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